Juniper Capital is a leading private money lender in the Pacific Northwest. We produce fast, reasonable, secure real estate loans that enable investors to close quickly on commercial, multi-family residential and investment grade properties. Juniper Capital private money lenders, also known as hard money lenders, issue real estate financing that avoids the time-consuming process and requirements of conventional lenders. Our offices are located near Seattle, Washington, and we serve the greater Northwest, including Oregon and Idaho, and the Mountain West covering Colorado and Utah.

Juniper Capital private money lenders welcome real estate loans that exceed conventional lending standards, because we produce custom metrics that make it possible to structure hard money loans around individual financial circumstances. We adjust our lending rates per project, so we always offer fair and competitive financing for property investment

We are proud to fund commercial, construction, multi-family residential and investment grade real estate loans throughout the Northwest and the Mountain West, including Oregon, Idaho, Washington State, Colorado and Utah. Currently, our Oregon and Idaho investment-level residential real estate loans are limited to multi-family properties with five or more units.

A quality private or hard money lender understands that each client is unique and timing is everything. That is why Juniper Capital is so successful at issuing hard money loans, bridge loans, and other private capital loans for such a wide variety of real estate investments and investment properties in Seattle and throughout the Northwest.

You’ve found the right private money lender for your commercial, multi-family residential and investment grade real estate investment.. We invite investors, borrowers, and brokers to experience the ease of our lending process. Juniper Capital delivers a fast turnaround on real estate financing… at a reasonable rate. Close quickly on your Northwest property investments with peace-of-mind at Juniper Capital.

Juniper Capital Corp. Funding tomorrow, today.