Juniper Capital’s mission is to identify and fund quality real estate investment opportunities- projects that can benefit from the convenience of hard money loans. We help clients achieve successful real estate investments, using private bridge and hard money loans. As one of the leading hard money lenders in the Northwest, Juniper competes aggressively to produce financing that satisfies time constraints, cross-collateralization, and other unique lending requirements, so our clients can realize their real estate investment goals.

Currently, our Oregon and Idaho investment-level residential real estate loans are limited to multi-family properties with five or more units.

JC_issaquahJuniper Capital wants to be your first choice as a lender, not just for hard money, but for all real estate investing. We work hard to position ourselves ahead of conventional lenders with competitive rates, individual client attention, and a faster loan turnaround. The Juniper Capital difference is in our personal touch and experience. We treat each client with honesty and respect, because we know that every project is unique. As private money lenders, we have spent years in the trenches and we believe that successful business engagements result from industry savvy, integrity, and hard work. At Juniper Capital, we strive to incorporate all of these factors into trustworthy hard money loans for high quality real estate investments in the Pacific Northwest.

Contact Juniper Capital today to learn more about hard money loans for your property investment. We are a true real estate lender that is available even when conventional lenders turn away. Turn “no” into an opportunity with private hard money loans from Juniper Capital.


At Juniper Capital, our business really is about people. Our offices are located in downtown Issaquah, WA and we are dedicated to supporting our local and regional community. Juniper Capital is a member of CBA, NAIOP, and the Washington Bankers Association, and a proud sponsor of the following efforts:

Juniper Capital’s offices are located in downtown Issaquah, WA, but we fund property investments with hard money loans in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. A pillar of our company philosophy is giving back, so everyone can move forward.